• ​Wired Access control systems are the most dependable and easy to manage systems
  • Never worry about changing batteries in wireless locks
  • Managing the system is easy because its tied straight into your current network
  • ​No need to go from door to door adding and deleting users
  • Wired systems have independent replaceable components. So if a single part of the system is broken it can be replaced without effecting the whole system.
  • Audit Trails are stored even if the network loses connectivity
  • you have the option between phobs,pin, or card access (combination of pin/prox also available)
Commercial Wired
Featured Product
  • single or multi-door systems
  • prox and (or) pin access
  • Runs on current network
  • 50,000 users
  • up to 2 readers per door
  • 2728 event audit trail
  • User Perimeters
  • built in power supply
  • works with exit devices,mortise locks, magnets, and other standard hardware with a limited amount of door modifications